Monthly Archives: June 2018

Recycling of Paper

To start recycling we need to how back and learn what paper is and how it became so praised.  T’sai Lun is a person who is considered first person who invented, or you can say created, paper and it happened in 105 AD. He combined together different rags and used nets for fishing and grass, […]

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Water Pollution

It is said that water is life, and that is 100% truth because 70% of our beloved earth is covered in water, no one can deny that this is not our greatest resource. We are being taught in school how to save water, we are using it daily, it is part of our routine from […]

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Littering issue

Littering means disposing something improperly, like leaving rubbish lying around in the wrong place. Simply put, it is the act throwing something away in a place where it doesn’t belong and just leaving the objects to unnecessarily lie there, instead of placing them in garbage container or trash bin. Objects from the household, like lightbulbs, […]

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