Monthly Archives: August 2018

Seas and Oceans are suffering

For a relatively small ecosystem in Baltic Sea, pollution became a major problem, but with the recent rescue and emission restrictions, the situation has slightly improved. Unlike the massive oceans. Hundreds of people have poured their waste into the sea, thinking that its magnitude compensated the debris and chemicals thrown there. As a dominant system […]

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Be a change and help to stop global warming

In the previous article we discussed what global warming is and how we, as humans, are causing it in every single step of our daily lives. Here I am going to list tips and tricks how we can individually reduce human climate drivers. There are 3 Rs that you need to remember, they are Reduce, […]

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Global warming danger for environment

Icebergs are melting, which causes sea levels to rise; forests are dying because of industries, and wildlife are becoming endangered every single day. It is clear now that we are destroying our planet earth. We are so cozy in our modern homes and cities and we love to get away to the nature, but if […]

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