Be a change and help to stop global warming

In the previous article we discussed what global warming is and how we, as humans, are causing it in every single step of our daily lives. Here I am going to list tips and tricks how we can individually reduce human climate drivers.

There are 3 Rs that you need to remember, they are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. First you can reduce of using waste by not using plastic bags and carrying your own shopping bag. Second is Reusing, if you use that plastic bag and you really needed it you can still use it second or third time. Recycle that plastic bag if it is not reusable anymore and has holes or is dirty.

Saving energy can also help to earth. We all love hot showers, but doctors say that having a cold one or contrast shower can be better for your heart and muscles. Your hair will be shinier if you run them with cold water after washing them. For your clothes, colder water is also a better choice. Fabric is not going to shrink and will stay softer than ever.

Replace your regular lightbulbs with compact fluorescent ones. They consume less energy, almost 70% less than regular ones, and lasts longer too. The most important: even if you are using CFL bulbs, you need to save energy and turn of the lights before leaving the room. Save energy by not leaving plugged in appliances.

Plant a tree – isn’t this an obvious one! Because people are cutting down forests, just by planting one tree and taking care of it you can do good. It gives oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide.

Eat less meat. Now it is not just fashionable thing to not eat meat, but also a healthier choice. It will also help the planet and will reduce methane levels, because less cattle will be grown, and less methane produced. Also, by eating more vegetables and fruits (organic ones), you will help the soil, and plants grown organically shows that no harmful chemicals need to be used to have fresh and tasty food.

Water is the source of life. Where there is no water, there is no life; and because of rising temperature, more water evaporates. Please consume less of it. I do not say to stop drinking water, because you need more than 1 liter per day. But just to use it consciously. Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth or be mindful when showering. Standing in the shower for half an hour or just 5 minutes does not make a difference if you are showering every day. Don’t take baths, because after bath with salts or oils, you still need to take a shower to wash everything off. Don’t forget that to have hot or cold clean water also takes energy, electricity and oil. You are saving energy at the same time as saving water. Spread the awareness, share this article with your friends and family. Learn more tips and not just read them, but actually use it, and become a change yourself.