Crafty Way of Recycling Plastic

Little bit of history on how plastic came and conquered our lives. Fist plastic materials were bio-derived, as it is closely related to (and even derived from) polymer and that particular molecule can be found in the organic material. In 1600 BC natural rubber was used to make balls, small figures. Cattle horns were used in Middle Ages as lanterns. Casein with lye was discovered because there was a need to change those horns as there were not enough and the demand was huge.  Plastic development evolved from natural materials like collagen, nitrocellulose to chemically treated ones, and now most of what we use are synthetic.

We have a big issue now when because unnatural materials are being used everywhere; yet while natural ones can be composted and returned back to the ground, the synthetic materials need to be recycled so they won’t pollute the earth. Recycling gives them a chance to become something new and be used for greater purpose.  Plastics can be found in various forms like bottlers, container, bags, packaging plastic; to separate and recycle them first we need to learn how it can be done. Plastic can be melted, sorted, shredded, cleaned or made into pellets.

Also, there are different kind of plastics, the easiest way to see what kind you have in your hand is to look at the bottom of the bottle, you will find number from one to seven there. That can tell you if it can be recycled or not.  Because we, as citizens, recycle simply by placing the item in the recycle bin, most important step what we can do is to know the difference in the plastic we are trying to get rid of.

But if it cannot be recycled, you have to get crafty or reuse it.  Find your ideas on popular sites like Instagram or Pinterest. Here is a few that you can try: you can split bottles in half and use them as containers to plant flowers or as pots to grow your sprouts before planting them in the garden. Or, by coloring them and adding tags, you can make them look adorable and useful again. Coin purse or pencil case may also be crafted, and you can make it by attaching a zipper two same sides of the bottle.

But mostly bottles are loved by water enthusiasts. There are competitions of floats and boats being made from plastic. Usually it is called raft. It takes around 500 bottles of 5 litres for one medium weight person to use the raft without sinking. All you have to do is to make at least 3 bags from mesh and fill them with bottles, try to fill them equally because to have equilibrium. These bottles are going to be the foundation of your raft.  Assemble a similar rectangle from liquid nails and attach it to be bags. Attach platform of your choice on the top and try to float. The whole project can be undertaken by yourself or as a group project – but keep in mind that raft usually holds only person!