Global warming danger for environment

Icebergs are melting, which causes sea levels to rise; forests are dying because of industries, and wildlife are becoming endangered every single day. It is clear now that we are destroying our planet earth. We are so cozy in our modern homes and cities and we love to get away to the nature, but if we litter, use chemicals in every step, soon we won’t have any places to escape to, away from the city filled with harmful gasses which are causing global warming. They are called greenhouse gasses.

Greenhouse effect

It is definitely a warning which earth is sending when certain gasses are trapped. These gasses are keeping the heat in the atmosphere and it’s like living a greenhouse with glass walls.  When sun shines, it lets the sunlight to stay on earth as heat and keeps gasses in place.  Greenhouse gas is called carbon dioxide, for short we can call them GHGs.

Human factor

There are other factors that increase temperature rising, but this time let’s talk about human factor. We increased the amount of carbon dioxide by more than third since the industrial revolution happened. Usually it takes thousands of years and everything goes slowly, but population is increasing, and everything is happening faster than predicted.

Things that cause global warming are called “climate drivers”. Human climate drivers are gas and oil being burnt by cars, power plants, aerosols like deodorants, spray products and let’s not forget the forest cutting, as people are using machines which are powered by oil. That causes change in the land and soil. If you replace forest and leave it as a field, it will increase sunlight reflection, mostly in snowy regions, and it will be a cause of rising temperature levels. There is another important human factor that causes global warming and it is farming. Cattle and sheep produce methane. Australian farmers are responsible for almost sixteen percent of methane in the whole world.

Effects of global warming

Temperature is not just rising but seasons are changing. United States are experiencing not even the hottest summers but also the coldest winters that they have ever seen. This is happening because climate change can cause polar jet stream which is the boundary between warm equatorial air and cold air in the North Pole. This is why cold breeze just comes unexpected in some states. This can also cause tornadoes.

Social effects are the most dangerous to the society. Because of seasons changing out of alignment, weather changes and agriculture is suffering, that brings more processed foods on our tables. Not having enough nutritious food, people are going to suffer from horrible diseases. But not having any plants or meat can create havoc, which will lead to famine, riots and even war.

Each and every of us are the causes of global warming, but there are ways to stop and reduce it. Check next article how to do good towards climate change, from your home to workplace.