How Your Kids Can Help Protect the Planet

How Your Kids Can Help Protect the Planet
How Your Kids Can Help Protect the Planet

Every Earth Day, there are numerous helpful blog posts offering tips and advice on activities and crafts that children can do to mark the occasion. Fortunately, there are numerous fun learning opportunities to not only get kids involved, but that also help to raise their awareness. But what else can kids do to protect our planet and speak up on behalf of the world they live in? Here are some things that your kids can do that go beyond the obvious advice like recycling.

Find a bottled water alternative

Bottled water might be promoted as a healthy option for our bodies, but it isn’t healthy for our planet. Two in every three plastic water bottles are never recycled and they give off toxic fumes if incinerated. It takes more than 1.5mn barrels of oil each and every year to make plastic water bottles for the U.S. market. That doesn’t even take the oil into account that it takes to transport the bottled water to the market.

If your child plays for a sports team where bottles of water are brought to practise or games on a regular basis, ask them if they want to talk to other children and their parents with regards to an alternative option. Maybe everyone could contribute towards a large cooler to dispense water, for example. If a group effort might seem like too difficult a task for now, your child could take a reusable bottle to sports events.

Raise funds for clean water efforts

Kids can increase the positive effect they have on our planet by encouraging others to do what they can. One in 10 people around the world doesn’t have access to clean water. Their lives are affected in numerous ways by the hours that people are spending each day to secure dirty water. Your child may want to keep things simple with a lemonade stand or use technology and email any other adults they know to appeal to their sense of caring for the planet.

If you do the basics to help Mother Earth, the odds are that you have at least one reusable shopping bag lying around at home. The issue can be forgetting to take them with you when you go shopping. Of course, one of the strengths of most children is pestering. So ask them to pester you to take your reusable bags with you. Make sure your child understands why you’re trying to minimise your use of plastic and that you need their help. Make it your child’s job to collect the bags before you set out to the store. Once your child has helped you to put your shopping away, assign them the task of gathering up the bags and put them back where they came from. You can motivate them further by keeping a tally of the number of bags you’ve avoided using. It always helps to make a game of things.