Recycling of Paper

To start recycling we need to how back and learn what paper is and how it became so praised.  T’sai Lun is a person who is considered first person who invented, or you can say created, paper and it happened in 105 AD. He combined together different rags and used nets for fishing and grass, and got the first piece of paper. Before paper there was papyrus which was used by ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome. The paper got its name from its predecessor as well.

To recycle paper, usually you have to mix used paper with water, and don’t forget chemicals to break it down. Pieces of used paper are being heated and it breaks back to cellulose. But this is just the most common way that is used in industry, there are a lot of more ways to recycle paper. And this method can be repeated several more times before it no longer has any effect and it is impossible to recycle anymore.

Here are couple of examples how you can recycle paper at home. First one is so obvious that you even won’t believe it. It is not a miracle to have a printer in a modern home, but you won’t believe how many people do not use their paper to the full extend; they don’t print on the other side of an already used paper. You can print directions, discount coupons, minutes for meetings, lists like shopping or other non-crucial pieces of information – as long as it’s for personal use, why should the presentation matter.

Another tip is to refrain from buying the wrapping paper; use newspaper or magazine instead, it can look stylish and funky at the same time. Learn to do origami, from animals to little boxes, as it could also be used as gifts. Chocolate usually comes wrapped in silver or gold, create a paper crane from that. Leftovers from previous gifts, like ribbons or pieces of paper, can be made into tags or little cards and added on the top of the gift, you can even to make an envelope from that to put money inside.

If you are making your own compost, paper can balance it. Just don’t forget that in order to be used for compost, the paper needs to be without any toxic chemicals, so no colorful magazines. You can donate paper to some stores and they use as a packing material for fragile items.

Paper Recycling Machine

The main thing that you can do is to reduce the amount that comes into your home. Refuse junk mail first, you never read it and just throw away, so why bother even receiving it. Get your household bills sent to your email, not your letter box. If you like reading magazines, before throwing them out suggest a friend to read them first; and just like books, you can donate or sell them.

Landfills are already filled with paper, the one that people not recycle and now it is just left there. Be conscious about how and where you use paper. Hope that these tips will help you to live more paperless and, in some ways, crafty day to day life.