Saving energy at home

Energy, and I have electricity in mind, is the power that we always take for granted. We are so used to come into the room and turn the light switch on. But it takes so many resources from our planet Earth that we cannot even imagine and because we take it for granted, we waste it.  I will give you a list of tricks and tips how to start saving energy at your house.

  1. When you want to use washing machine, try to always do a full load; you will save water and electricity per one wash.
  2. Air dry everything from dishes to clothing. Leave your clothing on the rack to air dry and they will look nicer and the quality of them will stay better longer. For dishes, just open dishwater and let the air do its job. Do this in the evening and in the morning, you will have fresh batch of clothing and dishes. If you will handle some clothing nicely, you do not have to iron. Cutting dishwasher drying cycle or dryer’s in general can reduce energy use from 15 to 50 percent, it depends on the machines.
  3. Plug everything from the power source when you are not using them. Also, your phone does not need to charge the whole night, it is bad for the phone’s battery too. No more chargers, coffee machines, washing machines in the power sources when you are not using them. Same goes with lights, turn the lights of when leaving the room. That’s not particularly difficult to do, but it is a huge difference to the planet because you’re not using its resources when not needed.
  4. Seal all the air leaks in the house. That will make you lower the temperature on your heater, because the house will become warmer, warm air will stay in and on the cold days the breeze won’t be coming in as uninvited guest.
  5. Use cold water for washing clothes. These days chemicals in detergents works the same in cold water as they do in hot one. That again will prolong durability of clothing and they will never shrink again.
  6. It is nice to cook with an oven, but for leftovers you can use a microwave and toaster ovens. They warm your meals faster, that means they use less energy and save time for you. Because oven takes time to warm up and just to warm up your food it can take half an hour, but in microwave 30 seconds. Do you see the difference?
  7. We all love hot and steamy showers and just to stand under water and day dream. If you just reduce your shower time to 4 minutes every single day you can save up 13k liters of water per day. That is amazing!

Give some love for mother earth by saving up energy using these tips, and it also will benefit your health. In all fairness, you can come up with your own little habits that would allow you to reduce energy usage and make everyday tasks more eco-friendly.