Toyota And Sustainability

Toyota announced that the company is going to shake the car market as early as 2021 as they are going to launch the first electric car with solid state batteries in the world. The batteries will be fully charged just in a few minutes. The new electric cars of Toyota will use safer solid state batteries that will be more environment-friendly and will charge from 0 to 100% in just 10 minutes. Is it already possible?

Exceptional Model

A new report released by Nikkei Asia reveals that Toyota is going to introduce an electric vehicle with new solid state batteries in 2021. The electric car will be able to cover a distance of 500 km after a single charge and the batteries will be fully recharged just in 10 minutes. This technology is a potential cure for the shortcomings faced by electric vehicles using conventional lithium-ion batteries, including the relatively short distance traveled on a single charge and the long charging time. Toyota plans to be the first company to sell an electric vehicle with solid state batteries at the beginning of this decade. One of the largest carmakers in the world now will unveil the prototype next year.

Solid state batteries are thought to be much safer than the most commonly used lithium-ion batteries. They also have the potential for higher energy density. In other words, it is the energy that a battery can provide relative to its weight. However, they have not been produced on a large scale so far and at a sufficiently reasonable price to be competitive in the dominant market for lithium-ion batteries.

Could Toyota Have Achieved This Goal?

It is difficult to fully answer this question at this point because we have not heard of the number of cycles their solid state batteries can reach and how their capacity lasts at different temperatures or different weather conditions. These two factors are the most questionable to date and might cause the most problems to the company to launch this type of cars as a massive production. Nikkei Asia mentions that Toyota already holds more than 1,000 patents for solid state batteries. This fact is promising, as a result, many people around the world are waiting for the prototype as soon as possible.

With the global shift to greener options to protect our environment and reduce the negative impact of the industry to the climate, electric vehicles are likely to be a necessity soon rather than an attractive or fun option. At the moment, Tesla is leading the way of the industry in the supply of electric vehicles. However, it might be changed in the near future as many other worldwide companies of cars are turning into the manufacturing of electric vehicles. Toyota seems to be working hard to become competitive in the electric car market. If the Japanese manufacturer actually masters the art of solid state batteries, it will most likely secure a lucrative place.