Water Pollution

It is said that water is life, and that is 100% truth because 70% of our beloved earth is covered in water, no one can deny that this is not our greatest resource. We are being taught in school how to save water, we are using it daily, it is part of our routine from morning to bedtime. Water is needed everywhere, from our homes to factories. But if we look closer, we might have a heart attack because of how much we use it and how we treat it.

Polluted fresh water pools now are flooded with plastic, harmful chemicals and they turned into poison for us. Any kind of water pool, like river, ocean, pond and etc., infested with waste is water pollution. It means that water becomes undrinkable or we are not able to safely swim in it because it can get you sick, all that is caused by pollution. It is a huge problem all around the world. All life in water suffer if water is polluted because there is not enough oxygen, food for organism like fish, plants or even good bacteria to survive. To mention humans – people die each day because they consume polluted water.

Industrial waste is especially dangerous. Factories are producing uncountable amount of waste in which you can find harmful chemicals, of course, that are polluting our air and environment. These kinds of waste contain mercury, lead, nitrates and more pollutants. Most of the industries don’t even have waste management system. All the polluted waste is being drained to our clean water system, then it goes to seas and rivers, where we fish or swim. They can change color, temperature of water and kill organisms living in it.

Sewage and wastewater

As society, we are responsible for these factors because they are produced in our homes. We clean with chemicals, shower using chemicals and they are being released into clean water pools. This kind of used water with chemicals in it carry viruses and bacteria which are the cause of people and animals and even plants getting sick, and not just that, they can carry diseases that are causing death. The perfect example is Malaria. Malaria spreads through mosquitos which are being infected from water which grows this disease because it is polluted with harmful chemicals.


Growing population and economy requires more cities to be developed. That means that need for clothing and food grows too. Because of these needs, environment suffers. People are cutting forests and, surprising or not, that kills a lot of fish and they do not have enough time to breed, and with more trash being produced, chemicals from soil filling fresh water pools, industries releasing unused materials into the water without government noticing, the areas which the wildlife can inhabit are dwindling.

Current situation clearly shows that people are trying to do something about water pollution because it was noticed how important water is, as well as understanding the threat of global warming; not to mention that because of industrialization, freshwater supply is getting lower. Governments are restricting water contamination to water pools. People are creating all kind of projects to save clean water, with the goal to save life on earth.