Ways to recycle glass

To recycle glass means to make it usable again and create something from it. To do that, you need to separate it by chemicals. Of course, glass is made of sand, but there are much more different chemicals added to it. That differs the process on how each kind of glass is being recycled. You need to rework it because it cannot be degraded in nature like paper or plastic, even if plastic takes decades, but glass simply stays in the ground or water.

When has is recycled, it becomes a part of new of new items; and the bigger the demand, the more new bottles, jars and etc. are being made from recycled material. By doing that, environment benefits, and it becomes more profitable by lowering costs for manufacturers. More than a ton of natural resources people save by recycling glass.

First step to start recycling glass to make space where you will be keeping your empty glasses, at home or in the office. Usually it is done in separate garbage bin, but you can have wooden box like milk crate to keep it outside in the yard or balcony. It just needs to be big enough to keep at least one week’s glass or more, because you are not going to carry bottle by bottle every single day to recycling place. For that you need to locate a nearest glass recycling point. You can find them at the gas station, grocery stores, malls, close to school, museums or other public places. To take that extra step, you can encourage your colleagues and family members to recycle together. Start a program at your child’s school to begin spreading the work and do good for the earth.

Second thing what you can do is to start gathering glass bottles that you can return to the store. They usually contain beverage ones and you can return them to supermarkets, liquor stores or retailers for some kind of refund, I am sure that every city in the world has a place where you can do that. Stores send those bottles back to the manufacturer and they clean them, reuse, sterilize or recycle by making new bottles. Some of those are large beer bottles, cola bottles, spirit and other kind of liquor ones.

Did you know that South Africa is the country who has most developed returnable system in the world?

If you are not able to find recycling point or returnable one, and you really want to reduce consumption of glass at your home or office, you can always reuse the glass yourself. Clean the jars and bottles first, of course. Bottles can be used to hold different kind of liquid like juice or serve water on the table nicely for guests, or to make yourself drink more water, you can carry that bottle around with you like a water container. And glass is always more chic than plastic and healthier. In jars you can keep cereal, flour or other loose products.